The professional balancing of ice cream recipes

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Metin Yaşa
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Have you ever wonder based on what a professional ice cream formula is written? Why certain ingredients are chosen and why in such a specific ratio? Why the ice cream we buy stays soft after days in the freezer?

This is the occasion to give an answer to those questions!

The class is meant for ice cream maker and pastry chefs, but any passionate hobbyist is the most welcome!

Throughout the course we will talk about ice cream ingredients, their functions, in order to understand how to build a complete recipe from zero.

Please bear in mind that this course is not to teach how to make ice cream, but rather very important and technical aspects behind the recipe architecture.

What you’ll learn?

  • How to read, interpretate, modify and write an artisanal ice-cream recipe
  • Which re the technical functions of te ice-cream ingredients


  • To have a general knowledge of ice cream making